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Nice to meet you
Why should I trust this person with my work?

And I get it, maybe i should put a moody, black and white, intense photo to look professional and trust worthy. But that´s me, the joyful and caring caribbean guy who lived in China and now have a diet based on Tapas in Madrid.

My CV and achievements are down below, all important, but the most important to me is for you to feel safe i got you. I'll make sure to translate your vision into images.
- Author of the book

- Winner of the eye Shenzhen Photo Contest, 2019 & 2020, China.

- Photographer teacher China / Spain. 2016-2021.

- Photo Exhibition "Ballerinas un Huaqiangbei" organized by the local government. 2019

- Invited Photographer to the "Colorful Guizhou" organized by the government to portrait the local "Miao" chinese minority.

my interview with the shenzhen daily diary, china.

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"objetivo geopark"


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